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Business English



Business English : 


Whether you are the CEO, a manager, or other business professional looking to advance


your career, you can choose to take a Business English course at the BLC. Our Business


English courses are designed for all business professionals seeking a specialised English


education with professional and experienced teachers. We offer a full range of Business


English courses at our Tangier centre.




  •  Pre-course Needs Assessment


A pre-course needs assessment is carried out before each course confirmation, to ensure


that we are meeting each student's specific needs and goals.

  • Contemporary, Comprehensive Curriculum


BLC's Business English curriculum provides students with the most up-to- date resources,


including new textbooks, and new supplemental materials that reflect the ever-evolving


global workplace.


  •  Customised Class Size

Our classes sizes are kept as small as possible, which allows instructors to focus on each


individual student and provide personalised instruction and feedback.



  • Multi disciplined business syllabus

Our experienced teachers will facilitate your understanding of key business concepts


including Human Resources, Finance and accounting, Marketing and Communication.


In addition clients will be able to practice report/letter writing and telephone skills.


  •  Presentation Practice

Students can improve their presentation and speaking skills by presenting a topic to their


class at the end of their course.


Students also receive a Business English certificate upon


completion of their presentation.


  •  Flexibility and Variety

We offer a number of different business English courses pathways (evening, daytime, group


instruction, individual instruction and instruction in the workplace), to ensure that we have


a course that meets your time constraints and English needs.


This course is also available for Children and Teenagers